QuickBooks online Advanced is a one-on-one 3-hour, instructor-led class holding at our Mississauga office. We provide in class hands-on exercises and Certificate of Completion at the end.

Course Overview:

Module 1: Estimates and Invoicing

  • Turn on Estimates in QuickBooks
  • Entering Estimates in QuickBooks
  • Reporting on Estimates
  • Closing Estimates
  • Estimate to Invoice

Module 2: Purchase orders and Inventory

  • Turn on Purchase orders in QuickBooks
  • Entering Purchase orders in QuickBooks
  • Reporting on Purchase orders
  • Closing purchase orders
  • Purchase order to bill
  • Turn on inventory in QuickBooks
  • Creating Inventory items
  • Purchasing Inventory
  • Receiving Inventory
  • Selling Inventory
  • Adjusting Inventory
  • Reporting on Inventory

Module 3: Sales Tax Filing and Reporting

  • Managing Sales Tax
  • Entering sales Tax Items
  • Adding new Sales Tax Codes
  • Filing HST
  • Sales tax adjustment

Module 4: Payroll

  • Setup new employee
  • Enter YTD payroll amount
  • Setup payroll items
  • Setup payroll deductions
  • Setup payroll schedules
  • Assign a payroll schedule to an employee
  • Setup vacation pay and accrual
  • Pay employee
  • Process ROE
  • Process T4

Module 5: Multicurrency

  • Enable Multicurrency
  • Setup multicurrency
  • Create invoice to foreign customer
  • Receive payment from foreign customer
  • Entering purchases and expenses in multicurrency
  • Pay bills in multicurrency
  • Reporting on multicurrency transactions

Module 6: Automation in QuickBooks Online

  • Bank feed in QuickBooks
  • Setting up Bank Feeds
  • Processing Transactions in the Bank Feeds
  • Bank rules
  • Recurring entries

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