Clients’ Testimonials

Quick, Thorough and Honest

Naomi is an expert in online bookkeeping and tax help at a reasonable cost. She is quick, thorough, and honest. I highly recommend Naomi!

Kristie Nakasato, Chi Nei Tsang Practioner, Nuture Acupuncture

Naomi and the SureBooks team are like my favorite grandma. They always put money in my pocket and no matter what situation I’m in, they’ve got my back. They aren’t just my bookkeepers anymore, they’re family. Now if only the rest of my family was able to eliminate financial worry and increase my productivity. Thank you SureBooks for giving me some much needed business freedom and piece of mind. Your services are legendary.

Steven Consigs, T3 Leads
Worked on My Level

Naomi stands out as an expert in her field. I don’t know anyone else more qualified to help your organization transition into cloud accounting. Her webinars are excellent and her tax advice is top notch. I highly recommend Naomi for all your cloud accounting questions and training.

Isabella, Director, The Ladypreneur Community

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